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Repurpose, Reengineer and Relocate

This tab is dedicated to the latest body of crazy work.  After my One Per Day exhibits, I found myself revisiting some of the pieces I fell in love with in 2017.  The object of this game is to have "critters" take found objects, often Victorian era, and re-engineer them into escape vehicles so that they may leave their current conditions.  If there was ever any doubt that I was strongly influenced by Jim Henson and Walt Disney, it's certainly gone now.  Each piece is made primarily of clay.  If you click on the image, it will enlarge for a better view.



Arktopus is taking a vacation.  He's taken an oil can and a variety of parts he found on the ocean floor to make his escape vehicle.


Balthazar, But My Friends Call Me Bart


Balthazar has also taken an oil can and found objects to leave the ocean floor.  He's got a major craving for ice cream, so he's headed inland.




Ciao-der (a play on chowder) has always wanted to visit Italy.  He has his map, opera glasses, personal submarine, and he just scored tickets to La Traviata.




Debbela gave me quite challenge.  I struggled for two weeks on how to attach the typewriter keys after the firings.  My kid took four minutes to come up with a solution-brazing rods.  Four. Minutes.




Elroy has taken an old fire extinguisher to make a submarine.  He, and his hitchhiker, are heading to the nearest plastic surgeon's office to get that blasted hook out of his mouth.


Formaggio Brothers:  Ferdinand, Moe, and Slip


The Formaggio brothers have been bullied by their older cousins long enough.  They found this old camera in the dump and have transformed it into a perfect getaway vehicle.  Don't mind the fact that they filled the camera with cheese that may or may not have belonged to the mean cousins.


Gertrude and Gilda


This one deviates from the rules a bit.  I wanted to give non-moveable things the ability to move.  The challenge of making a tricycle out of clay was too tempting.  Gertrude and Gilda are out for an afternoon bike ride to enjoy a little sunshine and maybe get some ice cream.


Hattie Boudreaux and the Traveling Hens


Hattie Boudreaux is named after Ouiser Boudreaux from Steel Magnolias-a favorite movie for my sister and me.  Hattie is traveling with her best friends far away from the swamp.  The bugs are getting out of hand and the humidity is too much to handle.  They've transformed this skateboard in to a swamp boat, packed their bags, and are headed north-where the mosquito is NOT the state bird.



7x5 and 9x7

Igbert is ticking this off his bucket list-a ride in a hot air balloon.  He found a diver's helmet and hooked it up to a balloon.  Arizona, here we come.


Judy and Judy


Judy and Judy (Judy is the nickname all five college roommates had.  Yes-all five.) have turned an old oil can into an airplane.  They've decided the farm life is not for them.


Kenwood (If He Could) Kilpatrick III

7.5x6 and 4x5x4

Kenwood made quite the spectacle of himself at his ex's wedding.  Based on the number of empty champagne bottles, he will  have quite the headache all the way to Kansas.  He figures that's too far for the new hubby to go looking for him.


Lettie and Louie


Lettie is sick of laying eggs.  She stole a milk can and made a rocket out of it.  Little does she know, Louie strapped himself on the back.  He can't let his best friend go without him. Plus, he has snacks in his backpack.




Marcooni and Nikola have decided to become race car drivers.  Marcooni found an old radio, added wheels, lights, and a steering wheel.  He's ready to go!

$400 available at Bluestem Missouri Crafts in Columbia, MO



Nikola accepted Marcooni's challenge and made his own car out of old auto cans.

$400 available at Bluestem Missouri Crafts in Columbia, MO

Oscar, Ophelia, and Oona

13x6 and 7x7

The O Penguins are sick of the cold weather-the snow and the ice-blecch.  But, they won't live without their ice cream, so they are taking their churn and heading south. The chickens in Key West are their 3rd cousins, twice removed.  They said they can crash at their house for a while.


Pickles McGee


When pigs fly-ha! Pickles prefers a neat and tidy pen.  Her pen-mates don't agree.  Rather than create a fuss, she stole the vacuum from Mr. Farmer and turned it into a plane.  She's off to cleaner pastures.


Quark McClintock


Quark didn't lose a tennis ball, he found one! He's taken all of his cherished possessions and is leaving the farm.  His girlfriend left him for another goat and he can't bear to watch them canoodle any longer.


Riot Cornelius Alexander Victor III


Riot is the world's leading sea lion pilot.  To be fair, he is the ONLY sea lion pilot.  He's gathered some snacks and a suitcase and is off to adventures in his helicopter out of a Victrola tube, snow shoes, and skis, all found at the bottom of the ocean.




My husband rarely gives his input on my projects, so when he suggested something with a barber's pole, I ran with it.  Squiggy has gathered some snacks and is headed out of the arctic.  It's too cold for his taste and he'd like to meet a nice southern bear and settle down.  Maybe start a business.  Have a couple of cubs.


Travis, Nigel and Terrance-the Goggle Brotherhood


Travis and his buddies are a nod to my son.  He says a sloth is his spirit animal (that's pretty accurate) yet he drives a very fast motorcycle (against my better judgement).  Once the sloth was complete, he picked out the names.  Travis and his buddies are headed to Sturgis.  It may take them a while.




Ursula is a bit of a diva.  She's sick of spending her time with all of the other "hens" eating shrimp and walking around in the less than pristine water.  She found an old skate and a teacup and made her escape vehicle.  It's time to find a private beach with a cabana boy and all the lobster and mimosas she can handle.


Vivienne del Mar


Vivienne does double duty.  She drives a tow truck at night and hangs out at the beach during the day.  Her other hobbies include fishing and bowling.  This is starting to sound like a profile for a dating site.


Winston and Bruce


Winston has packed his wagon, hitched up Bruce, and is heading to bluer oceans. He found this old toaster and turned it into a luxurious vacation pad.  They are both hoping to find fame and fortune, just as soon as Bruce remembers that fish are friends, not food.

$450 for sale at Art Impressions Gallery in Sedalia, MO

Xenon Von Fisch Schtick


Xenon has always dreamed of being a race car driver, or maybe it was a competition fisherman.  He's not sure anymore, so why not do both?  He found an old roller-skate and a shoe stretcher.  They make the perfect race car!


Yardley on the Yellowstone Express


While working on this project, people throw out all kinds of good ideas.  The still is my brother's idea, as he is an engineer specializing in stainless steel tanks, particularly for breweries.  The rat as one eye covered as an homage to a life-long friend and her ridiculous notion that she drove better with one hand over her eye.


The Zephyrelly Brothers


The Zephyrelly Brothers have commandeered this kaleidoscope, added wings, wheels, and a propeller to join the circus.  They have an incredible flying stunt act that is sure to wow any audience. It's infinitely better now that they secured the fish before doing loop-de-loops.


Phase two of this project still uses the alphabet to show progress, but in a different way.  The next 26 pieces will be A-Z by the type of vehicle, not the title of the piece.  The premise remains the same.  Each critter takes found objects and turns them into the escape vehicle represented by each letter.

Aerial Tramway-Cooper


Cooper just crashed a wedding.  It did not go over well.  He probably should have kept his peace.  Lorraine threw her bouquet at his head.  Her groom threatened bodily harm.  Escape seemed like a good idea.  PErhaps he can find lasting love in New York-or at least a good slice of pizza.


Bathyscaphe-Roscoe and Matilda


Chickens make the best friends! Roscoe has turned an old clock in to a bathyscaphe, complete with an observation gondola for his bestie, Matilda.  They're tooling around the ocean so he can introduce her to everyone before heading to land for some antiquing and a hot dog eating contest.


Carriage-Camilla and Earl


Talk about an odd couple...Ordinarily, otters and clams are not compatible, but not this pair.  They found a broken teapot, added some wheels, grabbed some snacks, and are off on an adventure.  There's rumor of a pearl museum in Tennessee.  Seriously.  There's a pearl museum in Tennessee.


USS Enterprise-Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel


The chickens have decided a career of laying eggs is just not for them.  They'd rather be anywhere else.  After watching two episodes of Star Trek, they fashioned their own Enterprise out of old toys and are off to big adventures, and maybe even some coffee.


Fairey Swordfish-Florence


Flo is off to fly the friendly skies.  She's had enough of the dry, dusty savannah.  It's wreaking havoc on her complexion.  Time for a drink with an umbrella in the rainforest.


Gondola-Marvin and Maisle


The rats are sick of the tourists.  They've put together their own gondola out of a shoe stretcher and a sardine can.  They are heading to Spain!  They heard Spain makes the #1 goat cheese in the world.




Some history: Our relative, Ernst Lehmann was the original pilot of the Hindenburg and a passenger on that fateful day.  In addition, Great Grandma always had a Charles Chips can in the kitchen.  Dad says it always had stale ginger cookies in it just in case someone needed a cookie. Ernst, in this case, just wants out of the ocean.  He's being bullied by cuttlefish.  He's headed for Montana.  There are no cuttlefish in Montana.


Ice Cream Cart-Florida or Bust


Joey, Ross, and Chandler are getting out of the cold.  They have a plan to make some cash so they can head to Florida.  They ice cream cart is stocked and they'll make enough travel money if Joey doesn't eat all of the ice cream first.

$450   (the record spins slowly on top of the Victrola)

John Deere Tractor-Sawyer, Becky and Polly


The chickens and their trusted body guard are leaving the farm.  They just discovered Elton John and are hoping to catch all of his remaining concerts.


Kangaroo-Templeton, Woodrow, and Rizzo


The Kowalski brothers are taking their act on the road.  They don't look like much, but they have a fantastic magic act.  Granted, they can't convince Rizzo to get back in Goldin's box, but that's a story for another day.


Leopard Tank WWII-Oscar, Henry, and Buttercup


The rats and the tank are paying homage to the war in Ukraine.  The Leopard Tanks have recently been given to Ukraine by Germany in an effort to help the war effort.


Buick Marquette 1909-Rita Malone and Roddy St James


Rita and Roddy are tired of being on the run for alleged crimes that may or may not have involved dynamite.  If you see them in the bank, find the nearest exit.


Nelson Dragonfly Plane-Thelma and Louise


Thelma and Louise are headed inland to follow the Bonnie and Clyde Bloody Adventure Trail.



Oldsmobile-Luke and Bo

Luke and Bo are not doing anything sketchy.  They swear...Pay no attention to the corn and sugar littering the car.





Gretzky thought he'd use his old hockey stuff to make a pogostick-it did not go as planned.




USS Queenfish-Skipper, Rico and Dave

The guys are sick of the cold.  They found an old fire extinguisher and made it into a submarine they saw in an old war magazine.  The think they are headed to Mexico but the navigation system isn't working so well.  And yes, Dave is wearing a floaty.  He can't swim.




Rockey wants to go help “the Guardians” save the “Galaxy.”  He made a rocket just like the one in front of K-Mart.  Who's going to tell him?



Speedy Burrito Food Truck

Tank and Shelldon

Tank and Shelldon (and George) are trying to raise money to vacation in Portugal.  George decided he'd had enough of being bossed around by Tank and stole the truck.  There's a reward offered if you see him.


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